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Developing a Scheduled Commercial Maintenance Program For Your Floors

Scher Flooring Services will help you build a cleaning and maintenance plan tailored to your budget and building’s needs. Having a scheduled floor care plan takes maintenance off your shoulders, so you can accomplish other pressing tasks. At Scher Flooring, our scheduled maintenance programs start...

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Commercial Facility

As a commercial floor cleaning and restoration company, Scher Flooring Services (SFS) specializes in the unique environments that span the commercial spectrum. From Restaurants and Fitness Centers to Universities and Hospitals, SFS brings 25 years of experience to each location we service. During this uncertain...

Benefits of Rubber Flooring & Importance of Regular Maintenance

When it comes to commercial floor coverings, few materials are as practical and aesthetically pleasing as rubber. Once reserved for gyms and workout centers, rubber flooring is popular with commercial property owners who need a resilient material to stand up to high-volume foot traffic. Today,...

Can My In-House Staff Handle Commercial Floor Cleaning?

Our team of commercial floor cleaners is held to a higher standard of excellence and works to support your in-house staff through customized floor maintenance programs. You won’t see us mopping the floors of your college or hospital every day. Instead, our floor management approach...

Approved Disinfectants for the Coronavirus

One of our goals at Scher Flooring Services (SFS) has always been to help you maintain a clean and sanitized environment. To the end, during this new unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer you valuable information that will help you in this endeavor.

Staying Healthy at Your Gym

Scher Flooring Services (SFS) has been servicing some of the largest fitness chains in the U.S. for nearly fifteen years. In that time, we have become increasing aware of the challenges of maintaining cleanliness in these environments. With the introduction of COVID-19, SFS has been asked...


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