Universities & Schools

Throughout any University or School campus, you will encounter virtually every type of floor covering.

  • The multitude of flooring surfaces found today in schools and universities present unique challenges to the facility managers who are responsible for maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Each school semester brings with it a different roster of events and a new set of challenges, floor care management requires knowledge of the big picture including meeting sensitive environmental needs, providing non-hazardous cleaning solutions and setting up customized maintenance appointments throughout the school calendar year and being prepared for the unexpected.
  • Many students have allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivites so we provide environmentally-friendly approaches to floor & carpet cleaning, waxing, restoration and maintenance.
  • Customized programs are required to compensate for the variety of different floor surface finishes found throughout modern school properties and college facilities.
  • A broad based knowledge is required on everything from the properties of different types of floors to environmentally-friendly cleaning strategies and non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaning & finishing products designed to make each surface look its best.
  • As significant portions of budgets are tied up in flooring and carpets, it is imperative to take every step possible to maximize the aesthetics and life of floors.