Return on Investment

Invest and Benefit From Our Professional Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Plans and Scheduling

  • Without the specialized knowledge and training required to properly maintain quality hard floors and carpets of all types, “full service” janitorial companies and in house floor care staff may do far more harm than good.
  • Improper maintenance of designer floor surfaces can result in rapid deterioration of appearance, smoothness and accelerated wear requiring premature floor replacement.
  • Our specialized problem / solution floor cleaning approach stresses the cost effectiveness of a proactive floor and carpet cleaning and maintenance program, emphasizing long-term discount savings, contracts as well as excellent short-term value.
  • Our management and staff are fully experienced across the entire spectrum of quality hard floor surfaces, including vinyl tile, VCT, hardwood, rubber, wood, concrete, stone and marble.
  • Checklist cleaning services customized to every individual surface type assures long lasting beauty that makes the most of your investment.