Carpet Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA

For more than two decades, Scher Flooring Services has been the premier commercial carpet cleaning company in Alexandria, VA. Leveraging our proven cleaning processes and unmatched attention to detail, we successfully maintain your carpets to prolong their lifespan and provide a better long-term ROI.

Why choose Scher Flooring Services as your Alexandria, VA Commercial Carpet Cleaners?

Scher Flooring Services is committed to creating a convenient and cost-effective maintenance program for each client. Our scheduling includes 24/7 options, and we provide a central point of contact whether you have one or many facilities.

Carpet cleaning, for appearance, and the removal of stains, dirt, and allergens is done through several methods. Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

Our cleaning methods leverage industry-leading techniques that are specific to your flooring type. With in-depth expertise in commercial carpet cleaning, our technicians apply the appropriate combination of encapsulation, hot water extraction and shampoo to deliver optimal care. Improper cleaning can create a built-up of chemical residue that attract soils and turns your carpet into a breeding ground for bacteria. Our process ensures thorough cleaning and protection for your commercial carpets. The results are impeccable.

Scher Flooring Services has been delivering top commercial cleaning services in Alexandria, VA for over 20 years. Our established reputation is built on quality, integrity and reliability. And our clients know they can count on us for the high-end solutions they need to enhance the image and comfort of their facilities.

Scher Flooring Services offers a complete line of floor care services in Alexandria, VA:


  • Carpet Cleaning:Scher Flooring Services employs carpet cleaning methods that result in the best ROI for your organization. Where janitorial services come up short, our experts deliver quality cleaning that results in sharp appearances and extended longevity for your commercial carpets.
  • Ceramic and Stone Floors:Improper cleaning of ceramic and stone floors causes dirt build-up and damage. We use effective methods that gently clean and thoroughly protect your flooring from future wear and tear. We specialize in waxing, restoring and protecting ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile floors.
  • Vinyl Composition Tile:VCT floors require more than daily mopping for proper maintenance. Scher Flooring Services cleans, refinishes and protects your VCT floors. We provide the necessary finishing, scrubbing, buffing and burnishing to keep your VCT looking like new. You’ll enjoy inviting surroundings and extend the life of your VCT.
  • Wood Floor Restorative Cleaning & Refinishing:Using industry-leading techniques, Scher Flooring Services avoids interruptions and keeps your operations running smoothly. Our convenient three-step cleaning and restoring process avoids days of sanding and refinishing. Your wood floors can be serviced and walked on in a matter of hours.


Locally owned and operated near Alexandria, VA

Scher Flooring Services is proud to have served facility managers in Alexandria, VA since 1995. We have found that our dedication to customer service and consistent delivery of quality results is the perfect match for property owners here. Our long list of satisfied customers includes virtually every commercial setting. From retailers, to fitness centers, to churches and more, we are known for effective, convenient and cost-saving methods.

We enjoy working in Alexandria, VA, to take in the bustling business districts and attractive neighborhoods.

At the core of the Technology Corridor, Rockville is a center of software and biotechnology companies and many federal government institutions. It’s also home to upscale shopping centers and major retail hubs. With so much to see and do, Rockville offers something for everyone. We count it a privilege to partner with facility owners here to further enhance the beauty of this inviting city.

For the top commercial carpet cleaning services in Alexandria, VA, contact the experts at Scher Flooring Services today at 301-444-4512.