Premier VCT Stripping and Refinishing Service in Washington, DC

Scher Flooring Services is the leading VCT stripping and refinishing company in Washington, DC. We bring over two decades of experience to your VCT flooring maintenance and apply industry-leading methods to maximize the life and appearance of your vinyl floors.

Why choose Scher Flooring Services as your Washington, DC VCT stripping and refinishing company

Where janitorial companies come up short, Scher Flooring Services offers high-end VCT solutions that enhance the image of your facility. We bring in-depth knowledge of commercial floor cleaning and industry-leading techniques to the care of your VCT. Our professional, scheduled floor management programs include scrubbing, buffing and burnishing to extend the life of your floor. We provide the stripping and refinishing these floors require to renew their shine and protect their surfaces. Our methods result in impeccable looking floors that last.

Scher Flooring Services has an established reputation for high customer care. We partner with you to meet all your budget, floor and scheduling needs. Whether you have one local property or many, we offer a single point of contact to keep communications simple and clear. Our experts create a custom floor maintenance program for each client and ensure your services are convenient and cost-effective. This high-level of service has made Scher Flooring Services the top source for VCT stripping and refinishing for more than 20 years.

Scher Flooring Services offers a complete line of floor care services in Washington, DC:

  • Carpet Cleaning: High-end carpet surfaces should be vacuumed daily to prevent dirt from penetrating into the pile and abrading the fibers. Proper procedures also prevent your carpet from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Our customized, scheduled carpet restoration and maintenance programs use the correct combination of techniques to ensure your carpets remain fresh and inviting.
  • Ceramic and Stone Floors: Over time, improper cleaning of these flooring materials creates a dirt build-up on both the tile and grout. We apply industry-leading methods to properly clean, wax, restore and protect ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile floors. We gently and thoroughly clean your floors for a sharp finish.
  • Vinyl Composition Tile: VCT is the most common flooring found in commercial facilities, and is the most commonly mistreated. The wet mopping they typically receive is sufficient only for daily maintenance. Scher Flooring Services offers the waxing, scrubbing, buffing and burnishing needed to extend the life of the floor and enhance its appearance.
  • Wood Floor Restorative Cleaning & Refinishing: The days of interrupting our operations for days with sanding and refinishing are over. Our convenient and effective three-step cleaning and restoring process keeps your operations running smoothly. Your floors can be serviced and walked on in a matter of hours. And, with 24/7 scheduling options, we make wood floor maintenance more convenient than ever.

Locally owned and operated near Washington, DC

Scher Flooring Services is proud to be the leading VCT stripping and refinishing company in Washington, DC. This influential region offers exciting landmarks, interesting personalities and gorgeous monuments. We count it a privilege to help maintain the beauty of the many structures and facilities here. Our commitment to excellence has made us the perfect partner for the discerning commercial property managers in this city.

We have been delivering top-level VCT services in Washington, DC for over 20 years, and look forward to continued partnerships here in the future. We’ve serviced virtually every commercial and government setting – from governmental agencies to small shops, Scher Flooring Services offers the flooring expertise you need to enhance your Washington, DC facility.

For industry-leading VCT stripping and refinishing services in Washington, DC, contact the experts at Scher Flooring Services today at 301-444-4512.

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