Commercial Rubber Floor Cleaning

Professional Cleaning, Restoration & Refinishing for Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is one of the fastest-growing types of commercial floor coverings. It’s resilient, durable and comes in many styles and textures. But despite its robust nature, it still requires routine maintenance.

Your in-house staff can wet mop rubber floors for daily cleaning, but this can only be effective on a basic level. Combining your in-house cleaning with a restorative program from Scher Flooring Services will increase the life expectancy of your rubber floors.

Why Choose Scher Flooring Services

Scher Flooring Services makes commercial floor maintenance simple, convenient and hassle-free. Whether you want a one-time, as-needed service or you need an annual maintenance program, Scher Flooring Services has you covered.

The methods used by our professionally trained technicians are designed to flow seamlessly with your operations. The benefits of our professional, scheduled floor management program include:

  • – 24/7 scheduling options.
  • – Single point of contact whether you have one facility or multiple locations.
  • – Customized service based on the needs of your specific location and flooring type.
  • – Floor management program that includes periodic deep scrubbing and extraction to maximize the life and appearance of your rubber flooring.
  • Added acrylic finish or high-speed burnishing for certain kinds of rubber tiles and rolled goods

We Maintain Rubber Flooring From Manufacturers Such As:

  • – Tarkett
  • – Nora
  • – Flexco
  • – Rope
  • – Any of the other fine rubber floor manufacturers

About Us

Scher Flooring Services is the premier commercial floor cleaning services company in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. We use proven cleaning processes and unmatched attention to detail to successfully maintain carpets and floors to prolong their lifespan and provide a better long-term return on investment.

Scher Flooring Services is proud to serve facility managers and commercial property owners with consistent delivery of quality results and our dedication to customer service. We’re known for effective, convenient and cost-saving methods and our long list of satisfied customers includes virtually every commercial setting.

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