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In an industry where first impressions matter, heavy foot traffic, and lackluster cleaning regimens ruin your image. SFS delivers comprehensive cleaning and total floor care solutions for your hospitality business, from kitchens to common areas.

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Floor Cleaning Services for Hospitality Services & Hotels

Hotels, casinos, beach resorts, restaurants and other hospitality and entertainment venues have unique floor care, cleaning & restoration needs, with image being of the utmost importance.

Because entertainment, vacation resort and hospitality facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, steady traffic in nearly all areas of the facility from both guests and staff has to be considered in the formulation of a floor maintenance & restoration program.


Floors play a key role in creating the right image, since they’re often the first thing a visitor or guest notices when entering.

Casino, cruise & hotel lobby floors, for example, must be polished frequently to ensure a consistent mirror shine greets each guest, and entrance carpets must be extracted on a regular basis to maintain a bright, like-new appearance.

Food courts, kitchens, shopping and common areas, meeting rooms, general offices, gaming zones, pool, exercise and spa rooms, and guest rooms all present unique challenges that must be addressed as part of a total hospitality floor care solution.

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