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Floor Maintenance Plans Designed for Bars & Restaurants

In an industry where 5-star ratings and social media shares are valuable currency, having spotless floors is as crucial as serving tasty food. But as a restaurant, café, or bar owner, dedicating time and staff to floor cleaning is next to impossible. When you let your floor cleaning regimen lapse, germs and bacteria thrive, opening the door for negative reviews, food safety issues, and failed health inspections.

At Scher Flooring Services, we value the effort it takes to maintain a sparkling-clean food service facility. With our custom restaurant cleaning services and maintenance plans, you’ll get a renewed, clean space that not only impresses customers but also helps keep your staff happy and healthy. When you trust SFS, you can rest easy knowing every crumb, stain, and scuff mark will be thoroughly cleaned. That way, you can keep delivering 5-star experiences to your loyal patrons.

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Scher Flooring Services is a locally and family owned and operated commercial floor cleaning, maintenance and restoration company in business for over 25 years. We are a father and son team who are passionate about our customers and the services we provide.